Python, What else ?

Python code checker

The Python checker allows you to inspect the syntax of your Python 3 code and identify errors in your script. This tool detects Python errors and highlights them, guiding you to the line where a syntax error is detected. With this functionality, you can quickly locate and correct errors, even in lengthy scripts, saving time in finding syntax errors.

How to find error in python code

Using our Python code fixer to evaluate your code couldn't be easier:

  1. Copy and paste your code, alternatively, drag and drop a Python file, or directly input your code into the online Python editor provided below.
  2. Initiate the syntax verification process by clicking on the "Check Python Syntax" button.

How to fix my code python ?

When an error is detected, an error message indicates the type of syntax error, guiding you to correct your Python error. Otherwise, feel free to visit the official Python documentation.

Top 5 common syntax errors in Python

  1. Incorrect indentation: Python uses indentation to denote code blocks. Incorrect indentation can lead to syntax errors.
  2. Missing colons: Colons are used to indicate the beginning of a code block, such as a loop or a condition. Omitting colons will result in a syntax error.
  3. Incorrect use of quotes: Python accepts both single quotes (' ') and double quotes (" ") to delimit strings. Ensure to use the same type of quotes to open and close a string.
  4. Typographical errors in variable or function names: Variable and function names must be spelled correctly and follow case sensitivity rules. A simple typographical error can result in a syntax error.
  5. Misuse of operators: Incorrect usage of arithmetic, logical, or comparison operators can cause syntax errors. Ensure to use the appropriate operators based on the context.

Python error checker

Python is a popular programming language known for its versatility, simplicity, and large developer community. It is often used for server-side scripting, but it can also serve as a general-purpose programming language. Python is widely used in research and universities.

The code fixer Python tool simplifies the identification of syntax errors in your code. Conveniently, you can test your Python code online directly in your browser, eliminating the need for a compiler on your computer.

In the event of a syntax error, this Python code corrector highlights the erroneous line and swiftly navigates to it, streamlining the debugging process and eliminating the need for manual line searching (a tedious task for scripts with hundreds/thousands of lines).

API documentation

This API allows to validate Python code. Please use this API sparingly.


Return a list of syntax errors


Your Python source code


Success: 200

{"error":0,"message":"No syntax errors detected :)","errors":[]}

Error: 200

    "error": 1,
    "message": "Syntax errors detected :",
    "errors": [
            "line": 3