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Welcome to Pyrexp, our Python regex testing tool! Pyrexp strive to have a user-friendly interface to make testing your regular expressions more enjoyable. We know that regex can sometimes be hair-pullingly frustrating; we've been there ourselves!

With Pyrexp, you can ensure that your regex patterns have valid syntax, eliminating common syntax errors that often plague regex (Personally, I get lost in those parentheses… It reminds me of LISP…). Simply input your regular expression, and our tester will validate its syntax.

But that's not all – it allows you to test your regular expressions against strings, so you can see exactly how they match and identify any potential issues.

Pyrexp is also a Regex visualizer, it provides graphical visualization of your regex patterns. This visual representation offers a clear understanding of how your pattern works, making it easier to debug and optimize for your specific needs. Again, those parentheses can be confusing…

And if you need to share your regex pattern or keep it for future reference, our tool allows you to export it as a JPG image. This functionality can be handy for sharing your regex on forums (Yes, ChatGPT hasn't completely replaced them).

Why test Python regex?

As a joke, we sometimes say that testing is doubting… Unfortunately, with regex, we don't really have a choice; we have to test them to make sure we don't mess up!

You may want to ensure your regular expressions function correctly in Python, verifying their syntax and confirming their matches against strings. Additionally, testing allows you to visualize and export your regex, aiding in understanding and sharing your patterns effectively.

Pyrexp uses Regulex (Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be maintained anymore), for the visualization of regular expressions.